EIG review

2 04 2011

Maybe you have not heard of this name before or maybe you have read a lot about it but with all negative information. Is eig good or bad? Why there’re many people discuss it so hot recently? Ok, my blog posts will tell you about our experience and how EIG actually doing. I’m sure you will get something new by following our blog updates.

Before I learned about EIG is about two years before when I was working for another web hosting company, When that hosting company finally got sold to EIG I suddenly realized what a strong company it is. They bought the hosting company I was working for and stated to migrate over everything via their own technologies.

Indeed, they’re migrating everything automatically via scripts without manual work. At that time I realized How backward our company is… Our programmer have the technologies to ensure the server performance and securities but never programed and project to auto manage the entire system, that’s why there’re so many staff working for such a small company. There’re always all kinds of issues to deal with by our support. If we could develop something like the migration scripts I think we can reduce many complaints and issues, definitely we no longer need so many support people.

During the migration process (it’s known as hosting transition by many people) we learned a lot about the EIG structure. I’m sure it’s one of the best system in the industry. I will illustrate their system side by side from the coming posts. Hopefully you will have a complete new knowledge about EIG.